Day 3: a song that makes you happy

Note to editor: I initially mistyped this as "a dong that makes you happy." I think we can all agree that THAT is an entirely different category.

Turns out that my brain is weirdly crosswired so that the things that cheer me up are invariably slow and in a minor key of some sort. That said, this song does a fantastic job of taking shitty feelings and contextualizing them:


Starting the song meme on day 2 because that's where everyone else is

And there is only one possible damn entry for the song I hate the most:

Fuck. this. song. And it's goddamn incessant radio play, and it's World Cup sponsorship, and the way that everyone picked up on it. This song, almost singlehandedly, made me stop listening to all new music for about a decade. Fuck you, Chumbawamba.

And for my favorite song, it probably will always be this:

Blue was my first Joni Mitchell album, and this song in particular just absolutely blew me away when I first heard it. Like, CD in the car, I nearly lose control of the car because I'm paying too much attention to the song blew me away. Almost nothing to say.

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blissfish and I went out to Gracklefest on saturday. it was fantastic. We went out there on our bikes. While miss blissfish went back with gryphynkit and savanni, I hightailed it with the alternative bike people we went it with.

It was spectacularly fun, but now I am sunburned and exhausted. I have been margaratied, and I have had some time to decompress a little. And I've forgotten how much damn fun long distance conditioning can be. Not to mention that the festival was damn fantastic.

*hugs and fun* to all of you.
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